Office Products Women in Leadership (OPWIL) is a professional organization connecting women in leadership roles, and emerging roles, in the business supplies industry.

OPWIL membership provides a space for members to tap the experiences of each other to grow personally and professionally. The in-person networking experiences at industry events and retreats are opportunities to get to know your industry counterparts, share experiences and have fun. Regularly scheduled virtual Mastermind sessions and Cocktails/Coffee & Conversations allows members to continue the experiences.


OPWIL We include women in key leadership roles who are managing people and projects, as well as women aspiring to leadership roles in our industry. The membership is currently free!

Education and Development

We provide a comfortable space to support your personal and professional development. OPWIL values continuous learning and development by providing mentoring and networking,


OPWIL knows the importance of attracting, hiring, and retaining wonderful, talented women for all segments of the office products industry. Let’s work together to support current and aspiring leaders.


OPWIL is dedicated to “Connecting Up”—providing the resources and direction you need to further your career. Join our social networks, and reach out to others today.

“OPWIL is a fantastic organization which I am proud to be a part of. We are delighted by the support we have had from both men and women in the industry and we hope this will translate into creating better opportunities for women to progress and grow their careers in this great industry.”

Janet Bell, Director, OPI