Education & Events

Together we can learn, develop, and grow while forming professional connections and developing lasting friendships. OPWIL is dedicated to continuing education programs through live events, webinars, mentorships, and mastermind coaching programs. We will also provide actionable business TIPS, that you can apply in your daily life as a leader.

Mastermind Leadership Forum

This is an exclusive offer for the Executive Level Member. Masterminds are formed from the basic concept that “you can’t do it alone.” Being a member of an OPWIL Mastermind Group gives like-minded executives the ability to brainstorm ideas and best practices that are critical to their business success. It is a safe and confidential environment to provide and receive feedback while challenging each other to implement new strategies that will help you grow both personally and professionally.

You have an executive coach to facilitate conversation, but the group is responsible to:

  • Share your business challenges and developmental desires.
  • Be willing and open for others to challenge your thinking and support your leadership development.
  • Commit to attending the monthly teleconference meetings or in-person meetings.
  • Put thought into the topic prior to the session so that you are prepared to bring value to the conversation, and participate in the group coaching.
  • Network between sessions with members.

If you are interested in joining an OPWIL Mastermind Group, please email

OPWIL Retreats

One of the many benefits of being an OPWIL Member is attending our exclusive annual retreat.  Sharing stories, experiences, goals and strategies with peers in a relaxed environment can help clarify your purpose and reinvigorate your passion. Visit to learn more about our retreat in 2024.